‘Artist in Residence Siegen’ accompanies the extension of the university, which will take place over several years, and visibly reflects the significance of urban development in Siegen. Art reveals spaces of differentiated perception, critical reflection and will initiate social discourses with the planned interventions. The program aims to artistically examine the relationship between university and urban life anew in each case and to intervene in their public, social and media spaces for this purpose.

The artists program offers the University of Siegen and the Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen the opportunity to engage with their respective social missions and to explore the question of how science and art, how university and museum can be further anchored in the urban society of Siegen. By occupying the interface between culture, university and urban planning, the program offers an important and lasting contribution to the Siegen Cultural Development Plan.

The artists program continues the long-lasting cooperation between the university and the museum. Through close cooperation, the university and the museum aim at opening up even more to the city, integrate artistic perspectives into ongoing development processes at an early stage, and reach out to additional audiences.